Monday, August 25, 2014

(RxR)A stormy trackside outing-8/25/14

CN's L563 works the yard while a Thunderstorm passes by to the north.

Video--UP 7480 West

UP Beverly Yard Job 32 shoves a string of cars to the CRANDIC Connection on #2 track while a Thunderstorm closes in.

Iowa Interstate train G-SACR25 coming in to Walford, IA with 49 grain hoppers for the CRANDIC. 

G-SACR25 at Fairfax. The train would depart a short time later southbound light-powered.

Video of IAIS G-SACR25

Monday, August 18, 2014

513, NS & Nahant

CBBI-17 with IAIS 513(Rock Island heritage) on the point-Iowa City.

513 at West Liberty. Video below at the depot.

Passing 44th Street in Rock Island.

Passing the Williams White Metal Shop in Moline.

Coming in to Silvis at the west end of the yard.

Highlight video of the chase of the 513 from Iowa City to Silvis.

A C40-8 NS 8743 that is in need of a paintjob sitting on the west end of Silvis Yard.

C40-9W NS 9955 and a UP SD70M sit in #2 track waiting on its next assignment-presumbably west to Cedar Rapids?

Took a ride to Nahant Yard and this GP38-2 was sitting by its lonesome.

SOO switcher 1532 sits idling in the summer heat. Only a handful of locomotives that still carry this paint scheme.

A trio of workhorses sit in the fuel track at Nahant.

Close up shot of SOO 4416.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nature by New Covenant Bible Church

Short walk along the trail at New Covenant Bible Church Sunday morning, soaking in some Nature.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Iowa Northern's switchers coming into the CN Waterloo Yard Limits to pick up 22 cars.

IANR 1502(MP1500)

IANR 2005(MP2000)

CN 5469(SD60) working the yard.

GMTX 2268 bringing a flatcar with a de-axled hopper at Linden.

My third NS heritage unit-NS 8105(Interstate) in the CN Waterloo Yard fuel racks.

Bryant Job bending around the curve near A-Line Iron.

Bryant Job nearing Linden.

Bryant Job at Linden Ave.

Back in Cedar Rapids and the new power, CIC 202 and slug 302 performs duties on Job 6.

Me and my son stopped by the CN at Stickle and L563 has an East Coast visitor in its consist.
CSX 7492.

CN 5534(zebra scheme) pushing back toward "A" yard to tie down for the evening.

The pair tied down next to CN 5377(SD40-2), the North American Map unit.

Monday, August 4, 2014

By the rails--UP, IAIS

NS 8151 in the consist of an eastbound UP train at Fairfax.
Video below entitled, "One Each Way".

Iowa Interstate's Cedar Rapids Turn climbing up out of the Prairie Creek valley at Fairfax.

Power was in Notch 8 with SD38-2 153(2nd unit) giving me a smoke show.

The Turn coming into Walford.

The Turn at the bottom of Walford Hill making a run for the Amanas.

My favorite shot of the chase.

Climbing up out of the Iowa River valley and up the east wye at Yocum Connection.

Turn about to enter the Iowa City Subdivision from the Cedar Rapids Sub.

A little story to this series--
IAIS GP38-2 715 sits attached to a line of soon-to-be BICB freight. But the 715 would not be there for long........ ES44AC 502 & 508, who came east earlier in the day as light power from Des Moines, ties on to the line of cars. You can see in the far right side of the photo the rear of the Turn.